What you need to know about Betting Maestro

About Betting Maestro

Here’s all the basic info about Betting Maestro that’s worth knowing so you can get the most out of the site.

Betting Maestro is a cricket betting site designed to help both seasoned gamblers and first-timers get the most out of their cricket betting experience.

Cricket betting is fun, enjoyable and makes watching it more exciting. That’s part of the reason why we all do it. And it’s far more of all of those things when you’re winning at it.

That’s why Betting Maestro has been created with you – the punter- in mind. I’ve tried to make it educational, informative and easy to digest. I’ve tried to focus on the dos and don’ts of cricket betting, revealed a few strategies and offered a few cricket tips that will hopefully be valuable for you as long as you’re betting on cricket. Anyone can have a couple of lucky wins but turning over a profit in the long term years requires knowledge, discipline and a bit of hard work.

Meaning the primary aim of Betting Maestro is therefore to make you a better bettor!


Betting Maestro content

So what content can you read about on Betting Maestro?

Most of the content is betting-related and includes:

  • Betting Reviews– In-depth and detailed reviews of the betting partners that I work with. If a Sportsbook is featured on the site at all it’s because it’s already passed the test of being high quality, reputable, trustworthy and reliable. If it wasn’t all of those things it wouldn’t have earned the right to even appear on Betting Maestro. But have a good read of the reviews and decide which company is right for you. You obviously can’t open an account with them all.


  • Guide to betting markets An explanation of how the main betting markets work in cricket plus a few considerations before playing them. I’ve also included some tips on how to go about doing your research on them and some strategies that have worked for me when playing them in the past.


  • Glossary– Here you’ll find just about any betting term that you may come across when visiting a betting site, reading a tipping column or receiving a communication from a company about a promotion or offer. I’ve explained what it means and given it some context. Most of them are general betting terms rather than being specific to cricket.


But as much as I love cricket betting, I also just love cricket. So you’ll find some content that’s not betting related, for example:


Who’s the Betting Maestro?

As someone who had been betting on cricket ever since I was legally allowed to, it was a logical step for me to work in the betting industry after I graduated from university.

I worked for two of the biggest betting companies in the world over a period of 12 years in a number of roles including Operations, Marketing and Communications.

So when I decided that I’d had enough of office life and wanted to go it alone as a freelancer, the logical step after that was to have my own site about cricket betting. Given that for the last 10 years I’d been working as a betting writer, it meant I could write all my own content.


Like the content? Want some?

Hopefully my experience of working on both sides of the fence- that of the punter and that of the betting company- means I’m well qualified to share with you what I’ve learnt, including a few trade secrets.

We all need to make a few bucks so that we can do things like…funding our own betting websites. When I’m not ‘conducting’ (sorry, bad Maestro joke) operations here I’m a professional freelance writer specializing in sports, cricket betting and casino content but I can turn my hand at most other things, too.

If you’ve enjoyed reading the content on the site and would like to commission some for your own business, drop me an e-mail at  [email protected] and we’ll have a chat.

The answers to anything else that I haven’t covered already about Betting Maestro can  be found in the FAQs section.