About The Golden Rules

Betting is a fun and exciting pastime. For some it’s a living.

The Betting Maestro section on the golden rules of betting may just be the most important part of the website. Follow the rules of betting and you’ll have a great chance of success, ignore them and you’ll struggle.

Professional gamblers sit at a computer all day surrounded by spreadsheets and TV screens, take breaks, have regular working hours and lots of stress just like accountants, lawyers or people in other more ‘normal’ jobs do.  And from what we hear, it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

But what’s as true of pro gamblers as it is of savvy recreational punters who at the very least break even and in some cases turn over a decent regular monthly profit is that they all religiously follow the golden rules of betting.

You can read the full explanation of what the golden rules are, how you should follow them and why they’re so important under this very section. But in a nutshell they’re: betting based on value, finding a betting niche, not following the money, betting based on best price and having multiple accounts.

Following the golden rules of betting will give you your best chance of not making the same mistakes as gamblers who enjoy the ride but end up with their pockets empty.

As we often say here at Betting Maestro, gambling is fun and exciting but it’s a lot better when you’re winning rather than losing.