About Betting Stories

Betting is an exciting, unpredictable and dramatic activity. So it’s hardly surprising that it makes for great betting stories.

Stories involving legendary gamblers like businessman Kerry Packer, Poker player Doyle Brunson or even golf player (and double Major winner to boot) John Daly make for brilliant after-dinner anecdotes and chats down the pub to entertain your betting-crazy mates.

The funny and quirky thing about betting stories is that they’re just as entertaining when they’re about losing bets as when they’re about winning ones.

Here’s a quick one to get you in the mood. For the best part of three decades Kerry Packer was one of the richest men in Australia. He loved a gamble in the Casinos as much as he did in the Board Room where the business risks he took were notorious, none more so than the World Series Cricket that was the biggest change to hit the game since it had become a professional sport.

So one day Packer was gambling in a Las Vegas casino. Being so well known there he received special treatment from Pit Bosses, Casino Managers, waitresses and croupiers. A millionaire Texan who was used to being the centre of attention himself and having people fuss over him, didn’t like it.

He told Packer he thought it was strange that he wasn’t getting that level of attention given he was worth X Million (the amount he claims varies on who you believe). He was clearly quite vocal about how much money he had. “Oh yeah” said Packer. “I’ll toss (a coin) you for it.’’

The Texan wisely turned down the offer and went to play at another table.

We’ll do our best to share a few of the best betting stories from the over the years with you.