About Players

Cricket players are fascinating sportsmen who do incredible things on a cricket pitch.

Such as bowling a cricket ball at 95 miles an hour like Brett Lee, taking a catch while in mid-air like AB de Villiers or hitting a cricket ball over 100 metres in length like Chris Gayle.

Here at Betting Maestro we’ll look at which players are key elements of their respective teams, what they do that makes the special and in some cases like Rashid Khan, how their form may be the difference between their side winning a tournament or not even making the semis.

Here at Betting Maestro you can also read some of the quirkier stories about cricket players. Such as the time that the great Inzamam Ul-Haq assaulted a spectator on the field, how Cameron Bancroft entered the path of redemption after a lengthy ban for his part in the ball-tampering affair known as Sandpaper gate or…which players would make a World T20 side or which are the most underrated cricket players in the wold in limited-overs cricket.