About T20 Betting

T20 betting has been around since the introduction of T2 cricket, which was back in 2003 when the T20 Cup started as a new tournament in English county cricket

These days T20 betting is probably the most popular form of cricket betting of all. It’s greatest appeal of all is the fact that a T20 game is over in three and a half hours, a stark contrast to Test cricket that can last five days and even ODI cricket, which lasts about eight hours.

Another big plus of T20 betting is that it’s normally the most volatile of all forms of cricket. With just one wicket, a maiden over or a six potentially making a huge difference to the outcome of the match, it makes T20 betting absolutely perfect for trading on it on Betfair in-play.

Another aspect of T20 betting that makes it good for betting on is that it’s the most televised form of the game. Domestic tournaments like the IPL, the Big Bash, the T20 Blast, the Caribbean Premier League, the Bangladesh Premier League and the Pakistan Premier League are shown on numerous TV networks, making it easier for T20 betting by cricket punters because they can obviously follow the action.

But T20 betting also takes place at international level. In addition to the T20 World Cup, there are also bi-lateral T20 series between countries, either as a one-off match or as a part of a best-of-three or best-of-five series.

T20 betting markets include: match winner, top batsman, top bowler, first innings runs, total match run-outs, most sixes, most fours, man-of-the-match, to win the toss, first over runs, team of top batsman and whether a 50 or century will be scored.

Here at Betting Maestro we’ll look strategies for T20 betting including working out which team might be best suited to the conditions, which side can win a tournament like the T20 World Cup depending on where it’s being played and the squad’s strengths, or which batsman might be about to top score for his side.

Here at Betting Maestro you can also get T20 betting tips focused on particular tournaments such Big Bash tips, IPL tips and T20 World Cup tips.