About Top Batsman Betting

Top batsman betting is probably the second most popular betting market on cricket, after the match winner. It’s available ahead of any match in all three formats: Test match cricket, ODIs/50 over games at domestic level and T20 cricket.

As the name suggest, top batsman betting is a case of predicting who will score the most runs. The most common form of doing so is to predict who will be top batsman, or top runscorer, for their side.

Take an ODI or T20 match for example. Given each side will just bat once, you just pick the player who you think will score the most runs.

When it’s top batsman betting on a Test match, the market is generally being offered on who will top score the first time the team bats, although some bookmakers will also offer top batsman betting when the team bats the second time round, as a live betting/in play market.

In all cases, when two or more players score the same number of runs, the market will be dead-heated.

Another form of top batsman betting is when you bet on who will be the top runscorer across both teams. For example, if England were playing South Africa in an ODI match and you backed Hashim Amla to be top runscorer in the match, you’d need him to score more runs than anyone else from either side.

Top batsman betting involves working out which player might be best suited to get the highest score based on such factors as batting position, the type of wicket on the day, the venue, the opposition and in what sort of form the different batsmen are in.

Here at Betting Maestro we’ll look at how to consider all those factors and how they vary in importance according to the format of the game. For example, two absolutely crucial factors in top batsman betting ahead of a T20 match are: the batting position where openers have a massive advantage ahead of anyone else and a batsman’s career strike rate.

In contrast, ahead of betting on a top runscorer in a Test match, the batting position isn’t nearly as important as the batsman having a good record against a particular side, having a solid technique and having the right sort of game for the conditions on the day. For example, there’s no point betting on a batsman to be top runscorer on a wicket in Bangladesh or India if they’re not good players of spin bowling.