About Test Match Tips

Test Match betting was the original form of betting on international cricket, seeing as it was the first format to be played between countries.

The beauty of Test match betting is that you certainly can’t complain about not having enough time to gauge what’s going on. A Test match can last up to five days so there’s nothing stopping you from watching the action for a couple of sessions, or days, before proceeding to go and get involved in some in-play Test match betting. That’s once you’ve got your head around the situation of the game, the conditions, the players in good form and what might be a good first innings score.

Alternatively, your Test match betting can be of the pre-match kind. That involves placing your bets on the Test match before the coin toss has been done.

The most popular Test match betting markets are: match winner, top batsman, top bowler/wicket taker, man of the match, innings runs and Test match end, a Test match betting market where you have to predict on what day the Test will come to its natural conclusion and in some cases, in which session of a particular day it will finish.

The increase in popularity of T20 cricket has somewhat threatened the importance of Test cricket over the last few years but the biggest cricket fans will always consider it the purest and most scared format of the game. It’s also helped that over the past few years players like Virat Kohli, Joe Root, Kane Williamson, Dale Steyn and Josh Hazlewood have made it clear that they consider it the most important form of cricket.

The traditional countries to play Test match cricket are: England, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. New additions were Bangladesh and far more recently, Ireland and Afghanistan.

Here at Betting Maestro you can find Test Match betting tips on how to research stats, how to play certain markets and strategies you can try to use to win money through Test match betting.