There are two great Cricket World Cup bets in the top batsman market which we have found by compiling a profile based on previous winners of the award.

We’ve already picked out 5 batsmen who could be good Cricket World Cup bets for top batsman honours at the World Cup in May. The reasoning for their selections was quite simply that they offered good betting value in terms of Cricket World Cup bets as batsmen who were certain to play (well, Hashim Amla apart, but we’ll have to wait on that one) and ticked certain boxes.

Another way to find a good Cricket World cup bets on the market is to try to create a profile based on who were the top batsmen in previous World Cups.



Hosts: England (main), Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands.

Final: Australia beat Pakistan

Top Batsman: Rahul Dravid (India)

The great Dravid scored 461 runs including two hundreds and three fifties. Remarkably, he won despite playing two games fewer than the Australian and Pakistani batsmen as India failed to make the semis. Dravid batted at three throughout ); ret2a90#0 pladUp\/Dtthrv three throughoutps/">Worls.





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