These are the Betting Maestro FAQs I get asked the most often by readers of the site. So I thought I’d put them all together right here. Along with the answers to them, of course.

What is Betting Maestro all about?

It’s a website designed to help both novice and experienced cricket bettors to get the most out of their betting experience. That could be anything from explaining betting terms to explaining how the different cricket betting markets work to outlining different betting strategies that will give you the best possible chance of winning.


Why do you have reviews of Sportsbooks and links to them?

I’ve trawled through 100s of different Sportsbooks to find the ones I consider the very best out there when it comes to cricket betting. You can read a full explanation behind why I selected the ones that are featured on the site but in a nutshell: I’m only prepared to endorse the very best ones and from among those, you’ll see which ones I rate higher than others across a selection of criteria and which have a slightly better overall score.

The links are there to make it easier for you to open an account with them if you so wish. And there will be additional links to certain live betting markets from these bookmakers which are relevant to the content that I’m talking about. You can place bets on the markets if you have already have accounts with them; you just need to be logged in.


Why do you have non-betting content on the site?

Long before I became in love with cricket betting, I was in love with cricket. If cricket betting no longer existed, I’d still watch cricket day in day out. I write ‘pure’ sports articles for my own enjoyment and because I love to share my thoughts and experiences with fellow cricket fans. Or sometimes it’s because I’ve seen or heard something that’s really hacked me off and I feel I need to tell the world how angry it made me! Like Match officials awarding the Man-of-the-Match award in a game of cricket to the ‘wrong’ player, ie. Not the one I backed after endless hours of trawling through stats and other info before deciding on picking him.


Why is all the content solely cricket-related?

Another one of the Betting Maestro FAQs that pops up a lot.

Quite simply because cricket is the sport I consider myself an expert in. That includes knowing the ins and outs of the sport itself, how all the betting markets work and crucially, making a profit from betting on it.

I’ve tried betting on other sports like football, golf and tennis and I’ve failed to win at them. And that’s no use to you. So if you’re looking for insight on any other sports other than cricket, you’re best off going somewhere else.


Can I get in touch to ask you a question?

Absolutely. You can send an e-mail to [email protected] or you can post a comment to one of the articles I’ve already written and I’ll reply to it. If it’s a pretty straightforward question, I’ll reply directly by e-mail or as a comment. If it requires a greater explanation in more detail, I might consider writing and publishing a whole article about it.

What makes you qualified to give betting advice?

The simple answer is that I’ve been betting on cricket and working in sports betting for close to 20 years. Not only was that across two of the biggest betting companies in the industry but during my time there I also worked in a variety of different roles including Operations (settling markets, determining market rules, dealing with customer queries and complaints), Communications (as a Press Officer), Editing the best sports betting blog in the world and copywriting about promotions including the all-important terms and conditions. So I’ve been exposed to pretty much every aspect of a Sports Betting company and with the added experience of two decades of betting myself, aim to put that knowledge to good use.

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