About Football Betting

The popularity of football betting is hardly surprising given the world’s obsession with football and the ever-increasing interest in online betting.

Football betting tips are everywhere these days but Betting Maestro looks to ensure you learn how to play the betting markets yourself and understand them rather than just blindly following tips.

Gone are the days when football betting was about filling in a little paper slip with a little plastic pen based on the day’s modest selection of local matches that had been priced up. And gone are the days when doing so was done in a smoky room with grumpy cashiers counting out your winnings by hand. You can of course still go through the high-street betting shop experience (minus the smoke) if you wish but all in all, it’s a whole new world out there now both in terms of the choice, the experience and the convenience when it comes to football betting.

For starters, the constant interest of football gamblers together with the increase in betting companies has resulted in greater availability of football leagues and other competitions to bet on. These days it’s not just Premier League betting, World Cup Betting and Champions League betting that’s featured on the sites of the betting companies. You can bet on such events as Under 20 international tournaments, women’s football and obscure football leagues such as those of India, Slovakia or Peru.

There’s also been a huge increase in the variety of football betting markets. Gone are the days of just betting on the match winner/match odds, first goalscorer and over/under 2.5 goals. There are literally hundreds of markets you can bet on revolving around the number of goals, cards and corners in the game plus other options around scorelines, Asian Handicaps and times at which goals are scored.

And that’s just pre-match betting. Nowadays you can bet on almost as many games on Live Betting which just adds a whole new layer of excitement.

The football betting business is a multi-billion Pound business these days and it certainly looks like it’s here to stay. The football betting tips on Betting Maestro will hopefully give you your best chance of cracking the market.