Having multiple betting accounts means you can often get best price

When we looked at the importance of always getting best price in Part 4 of the Golden Rules to betting we mentioned that you can only always get best price if you have multiple betting accounts. Obvious but true.

After all, there’s not much point in finding out that Betfred are going a juicy 8.0 on Jos Buttler to top score for England in their next ODI when everyone else is going 6.0 if…you don’t have an account with Betfred.

Theoretically you’d want to have an account with every single bookmaker out there, or at the very least with every single one that is featured on the main odds comparison sites. But that of course isn’t practical. You don’t want to be spending time opening multiple betting accounts by entering personal details and passing the compulsory account verification steps 40 times. But that of course is why it’s important to know which are the best handful of bookmakers out there.


Multiple betting accounts means more bonuses at your fingertips

Another advantage to having multiple accounts is that you can benefit from more bonuses. What bonuses are on offer both when you open an account and after you’re already a customer vary greatly from one bookmaker to another. But let’s face it- the more bonuses you have available to use, the more funds you have available to bet with. And it’s hard to argue that’s a bad thing.

That’s especially the case with bookmakers who don’t necessarily give you much in terms of bonuses beyond their sign-up offer. It means that you need to make that initial bonus – whether it’s a deposit bonus, free bets or risk-free bets – count. By winning as much as possible with that bonus in order to provide a good platform in terms of having a good balance across your different accounts.

And the more accounts you open, the more funds you’ll have across them if you use your bonus wisely.


Different bookmakers specialize in different things

Just like the fresh vegetables at one supermarket near you are better than in another or the availability of condiments is superior at one place in comparison to the one down the road, so different bookmakers specialize in different things.

At a macro level, there’s not a huge amount of difference from one bookmaker to another when it comes to the biggest sports like football, horseracing, tennis or cricket. These days they all cover just about every game or race of any importance played anywhere in the world and most of those will be offered in-play (or live betting, if you prefer) as well.

But at more micro level, there are important differences.

For example, one market that offers good betting opportunities from a betting value point of view is the one on football players to be shown a card.

All well and good but not all bookies offer it. That’s because most punters would never dream of playing because they’d consider it too random. Little do they know… but that’s a discussion for another day.

So at the time of writing, Paddypower, Betfred, Betfair (both on the Exchange and the Sportsbook) and Unibet are some of the few companies who do offer it. Another example is the market on a player to score two or more goals in a game (rather than just one goal).

Again, not many bookies offer it so if these are two of the markets you like to play, it makes sense on two counts to have a fair few different accounts. Firstly, so you can play them at all and secondly so you can take the best price from amongst those who do offer it.

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