This World Cup Quiz is stats-based,  except for the last question. How much attention have you been paying to the numbers so far?



First question of the World Cup Quiz. Their squad didn’t include Forrest Gump and they didn’t even make it out of the Group Stages. Which side covered the most kilometres across all their players during their three matches?
He has the joint honour of being the oldest debutant scorer at a World Cup and also the honour of scoring his country’s first-ever goal at a World Cup. Who is he?
Which side boasted the most possession across their three Group Games?
Which player was the greediest…sorry…most ambitious player when it came to having shots on goal in the Group Stages, averaging 5.3 a game?
Ravshan Irmatov will be grateful for having done his bicep exercises in the build-up to the World Cup. No-one showed more yellows than him. How many did he dish out?
Which side finished the Group Stages with the best goal difference?
Cristiano Ronaldo has four goals at Russia 2018. That takes his international tally to how many?
Which England player is the second lightest in terms of weight of any at the World Cup?
39 years old, 147 caps, 19 international goals and making a fifth appearance at a World Cup at Russia 2018. Who is he?
Last question of the World Cup quiz. Players, fans and journalists travelling from one city to another have complained that the in-flight meal on the main Russian airline is almost always the same. In a blatant display of First World problems, what do they keep on being served?
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